Is happy breathing FDA-approved?

Happy Breathing, categorized as a Class 2 medical device, falls under the 510(k) exempt classification, obviating the need for FDA approval or clearance. However, it is  registered with the FDA in compliance with regulatory protocols. As for you, be confident as this is specifically built with your child’s welfare as a prime focus.

What ages is the Happy breathing device for?

Our device is designed for children 0-6 years of age who struggle with breathing due to mucus buildup.

Is the Happy Breathing device noisy when it’s suctioning?

Our electric baby nasal aspirator has a high-tech motor that doesn’t exceed 65 decibels (volume of everyday speech), to keep your child happy and at ease throughout each session.

How long does Happy Breathing take to fully charge?

On average, the battery takes around 80 minutes to fully charge.

How do I know when my Happy Breathing device is charged?

On your electric baby nasal aspirator, you’ll notice the “ON” button turn green. If the light is red,that means it’s out of battery and needs to be charged. Keep in mind that the device will automatically shutoff after 3 minutes for safety. Simply turn it back on if it’s still in use.

My baby started crying due to the suctioning. Is this normal?

There’s a big chance that your baby will squirm and move while you’re suctioning their nose.This is normal Make sure your baby is in a safe space, such as a bed or couch, in case they try to wiggle away while you’re suctioning. It may help to swaddle them in a blanket before starting.

However, if they experience an allergic reaction or extreme discomfort, stop suctioning

immediately and consult a doctor.

Do you have different size nose tips?

Happy Breathing nose tips come in one uniform size that can be used by tiny nostrils from 0 to six years of age.

Are the accessories dishwasher safe?

Yes, however, a dishwasher will not adequately clean the accessories. Please refer to the instructions in our manual for proper cleaning guidelines.

Is Happy Breathing safe for newborns?

Our pediatric device is safe for newborns, however, always consult with with your doctor prior to use.

Which level of suction should I use?

We recommend starting with the lowest setting  use higher settings based on your judgment and the thickness of mucus. Happy breathing is designed with 3 levels low, medium, and high. All three levels are safe to use on your child. Our device is designed for comfort and efficiency. The different  levels allows you to  adjust the support level your child needs. 

How often should i suction? too much suctioning?

While the nasal aspirator is helpful in removing mucus It is possible for repeated suctioning to cause inflammation in the nasal passage and make it more difficult for the child to breathe through the nose. For smaller babies, suctioning  prior to feeding and before bedtime, is recommended. For toddlers, suctioning the nose upon waking, prior to meals and before bedtime if needed. Notify your provider if your child is not experiencing relief from suctioning

Bloody nose?

Bloody noses can occur for a variety of reasons, but you should not use a nasal aspirator if your little one is having an active, bloody nose. Suctioning will only make the nose bleed worse. Additionally, if you observe a small amount of blood in the mucus while suctioning, stop suctioning and allow 3-4 hour interval before suctioning again. Notify your provider if your child frequently has blood in the nasal secretions.

Can I use nasal saline?

Increase the efficacy level of Happy Breathing through the use of nasal saline solution. Before using happy breathing  put 2-4 drops of saline solution in each nostril. this helps loosen thick mucus, making it easier to more effectively expel it.

Is it normal for airflow to come out of the nasal tip? 

it is very normal for surrounding air flow to be noticed around nasal tip during operation. Some nasal aspirator machines expel a small amount of air when turned on to create suction. This is often part of their normal functioning. Be assured, our device is manufactured to provide performance that is consistent and reliable, thus letting you have greater peace of mind in the management of your child's respiratory health.

What’s your return policy?

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to provide you with are refund within 30 days of purchase. Faulty or malfunctioning devices will be replaced free of charge within one year of purchase. Contact us for more information regarding returns or exchanges.